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Maid, Two Cops in US$107,000 Heist

A maid in Harare is in trouble after she stole US$107,000 from her Chinese boss and shared it with two police officers.

The maid, Marvelous Mapfumo, allegedly stole and fled with a considerable sum of money and went to share the stash with two police officers who are based at Central Criminal Bureau in Harare. Mapfumo was remanded in custody until June 17. I guess this is a pretty common scam in Zimbabwe, but it’s still crazy that someone would do this!


On May 30, 2024, Marvelous stole a staggering US$107,000 from her boss, Mey Sisi Lin, of Highlands in Harare, where she was a housemaid. Prior, she had noticed how her boss always kept huge sums of money in the house and she devised a crafty plan to loot it.

After packing all the cash, Marvelous left her employer’s house spiritedly and headed to a location in Harare. There, she shared the proceeds of crime with police officers Hebert Chikwiza and Paul Kondo, who had promised to protect her from arrest.

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The State heard that Marvelous met with the two cops at a lodge in Waterfalls, Harare, where they split the money into three. The two police officers got US$30,000 each, and Marvelous walked from the deal with US$47,000.

Afterwards, Chihwiza decided to keep Marvelous’s share, as he suspected that cops were trailing her. Kondo took the maid to his girlfriend’s place in Sunningdale, Newsday reports. He charged Marvelous to not go out or interact with anyone. Kondo then organised transport to smuggle her to South Africa.

After facilitating her escape, Kondo and Chihwiza fled and are nowhere to be found, Newsday reported.

On Wednesday, 12 June 2024, three people tipped detectives from CID Nkulumane that Marvelous had slid away and hiked a truck headed to South Africa but going through Botswana. The cops rushed and arrested the maid.

The detectives dragged her to CID Highlands. There, she revealed how she stole the US$107,000 and shared it with the two police officers, Chihwiza and Kondo.

Mapfumo was remanded in custody until 17 June.

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