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‘DA is in charge’: South Africans react as Hellene Zille is unhappy with ANC inviting PA into the GNU

In a recent interview on SABC News’ Face the Nation, Democratic Alliance (DA) Federal Council Chairperson Helen Zille revealed that the African National Congress (ANC) had not consulted the Government of National Unity (GNU) before admitting the Patriotic Alliance (PA) into the coalition.

Zille, who has written to ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula about her concerns, emphasized that the GNU agreement stipulates that the ANC must consult with all parties in the GNU before admitting new members.

Zille also warned that if President Cyril Ramaphosa were to grant ministerial positions to the PA, the DA would lodge a complaint, citing the ANC’s failure to consult the GNU as required by the document of intent.

She expressed her frustration with Mbalula, claiming that he does not fully understand the GNU document that was signed.

Hellen Zille

The DA leader also highlighted the importance of the DA’s role within the GNU, stating that the ANC cannot pass decisions without the DA’s support, as the DA represents 30% of the GNU.

Zille stressed that sufficient consensus requires the agreement of 60% of the parties involved. The revelation by Zille has sparked discussions about the effectiveness of the GNU and the ANC’s commitment to the coalition’s principles.

The situation highlights the complexities of coalition politics and the need for clear communication and adherence to agreed-upon rules.

See responses from South Africans;

·Meet Hellen Zille, the most powerful female politician that’s calling orders in the GNU.

As it stand someone like Fikile Mbalula is bowing to her, only because bud is illiterate! She predicted the downfall of the ANC, we are yet to the ANC become what she wanted it to be!

Hellen Zille steering the whole ship from clause 24 only.
Mbalula has won the wooden mic of politics.

The ANC Secretary General signed the statement of intent without having full understanding on what it meant. Gogo Hellen Zille is now exposing Mbalula’s illiteracy and lack of reading to understanding .

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