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Sam Levy’s Village is Worth $1 Billion and Not For Sale

The upmarket Sam Levy’s Village located in Borrowdale, Harare, is not for sale and the US$120 million price tag on the property was part of a training exercise for realtors which leaked, reported NewsDay.

This follows claims on social media on Monday that the Levy family, owners of Sam Levy’s Village, had engaged realtors, Pam Golding Properties, to sell the property for US$120 million.

NewsDay reported a source on Tuesday as saying there was a training exercise conducted among the Pam Golding Properties Zimbabwe staff on how to present and sell a property and the Levy family wanted a payment of US$120 million to be made offshore. Said the source:

“The property is not up for sale. What I was told is that there was a training exercise among the realtors on how to present and sell a property as an investment opportunity. So, Sam Levy’s Village was used as an example for the sale.

“I don’t know how it leaked, but ask yourself this, would you really put the valuation of the shopping mall at US$120 million?”

It should be well over US$1 billion, given the number of expansions over the decades and the money that went into it. The owners are currently not in the country, but they found this story very amusing.

Part of the presentation, which mentioned Pam Golding Properties Zimbabwe, reads:

Pam Golding Properties are honoured to have the opportunity to present what the population of Zimbabwe safeguards as their most prestigious shopping complex in the entire country, none other than Sam Levy’s Village.

Spread across 30 acres of prime land in the leafy suburb of Borrowdale, Harare, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a remarkable investment portfolio is now available to the astute investor with a unique vision and we are here to help with the acquisition process.

Pam Golding Properties Zimbabwe sales agents Rory Anthony Levey and Kundai Masenda’s numbers were listed as the contact persons.

However, Levey denied that Sam Levy’s Village was being sold when reached for comment by NewsDay via WhatsApp. He said:

Please ignore social media [message] circulating. The property is not for sale. Your understanding and kind message are appreciated. Have a good day.

Please note that the property is not for sale and has not been listed with Pam Golding Properties. An official statement was made on our Facebook page.

The statement issued on Pam Golding Properties Zimbabwe’s official Facebook page reads:

We have taken note of the information circulating on social media regarding the purported sale of Sam Levy’s Village. The same was not issued out by the owners or agents and should be disregarded.

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