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Gweru Man: Trauma Still Haunts Me

The Gweru man who woke up in a cemetery and his car parked besides a grave says he is still traumatised by the incident.
Naison Batia, (34), is now seeking help after hooking up with a sex worker at a bar the previous night.

Madzibaba Mateo told H-Metro, he wants to help the man but they need to consult the relatives of the deceased person whose grave is where Naison’s car was parked.

“I was at the scene on the day in question and the man is still traumatised. We talked to him and he is still not stable after the incident. I am based in Gweru and I want to assist him to deal with this issue. He needs some help because it’s not easy to come across such a situation.”

Madzibaba Mateo added: “His car was towed from the grave, so tiri kuda kutsvaga hama dzacho, then tozoenda paguva racho. Nyaya yake iri kuda chivanhu so that tikwanise kufumura chipoko ichi.

“Mweya wemushakabvu uri kufanira kuzorora, from what I have gathered, so we need to engage vanhu vese vari necessary.

“Zvinhu zvakadai zvinowanika nekuti munhu anenge akafa ari pfambi.”

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