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Chamisa writes PHD thesis on Alick Macheso’s Sungura music

Dr. Vimbai Chamisa, a Zimbabwean academic, has completed a PhD thesis exploring Sungura music, focusing particularly on the genre’s maestro, Alick Macheso.

Drawing from Social Identity theory, Chamisa investigates the widespread public fascination with Sungura music, examining its significance for both artists and listeners as a reflection of lived identities shaped by Zimbabwe’s socio-political and economic contexts.

Her research delves into the historical context of Macheso’s musical journey, analyzing how his personal experiences have shaped the essence of Sungura.

Chamisa’s study involves a selection of Macheso’s songs to illustrate how they facilitate the expression of collective identities in contemporary Zimbabwe.

She argues that Macheso’s life story has profoundly influenced his musical output, imbuing it with distinct social meanings that resonate with the dynamics of power within everyday interactions in post-colonial Zimbabwe.

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