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Zimbabweans are the biggest musvo viewers in the region: POTRAZ

Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has revealed that Zimbabweans are among the most frequent consumers of online p*rn*graphic content in the region, a new report can confirm.

Potraz statistics show that among the top 10 websites frequented by Zimbabweans, adult entertainment websites and associated content are regularly ranked. Concerns have been expressed concerning this trend’s possible effects on people and society at large.

The Deputy Director of CIRT and Enforcement at Potraz Evidence Mazhindu bemoaned the situation outlining circumstances that are leading people to view porn. “This is largely attributed to idleness and he is calling on authorities to invest more towards ICT research initiatives” said Mr Mazhindu

In his remarks, Mazhindu stressed the importance of responsible internet use and raising awareness of the possible consequences connected to excessive p*rn consumption while speaking on the fringes of a sensitization and awareness workshop on cyber security.

Potraz held a workshop in Gweru dubbed Sensitisation and Awareness relating to Cyber and Data Protection Act where they want to impact knowledge about Cyber. He also said Zimbabweans are largely being seen on websites such as Bet websites and facebook which do not add any value to the economy

The Potraz report emphasizes how critical it is to advance ethical online conduct and digital literacy. It is critical to address these issues and make sure the internet is used in a way that benefits society as a whole as Zimbabwe continues to embrace digital technologies.

Potraz’s efforts to raise awareness through workshops like the one in Gweru reflect a proactive approach to tackling internet-related challenges. By educating the public about cybersecurity and digital rights under the Cyber and Data Protection Act, Potraz aims to empower Zimbabweans to navigate the online world responsibly.

The emphasis on ethical use of the internet and digital literacy is crucial amidst the country’s increasing adoption of digital technologies.


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