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‘He is a legend’: pastor’s son sells girlfriend’s car, pays lobola for sidechick

The internet is abuzz with the latest scandal involving a pastor’s son, Blessing Manyange who has found himself at the centre of controversy after he pulled an audacious move that has left many shocked and bewildered.

According to reports by H-Metro, Blessing was in a relationship with Charity Madare, a financially well-off woman. In a surprising turn of events, Charity bestowed Blessing with a Honda Fit, entrusting him with the use of her car for his daily activities.

However, it seems that Blessing had different plans in mind. While he was in a relationship with Charity, he was allegedly involved with another woman named Petronella.

In a breathtaking display of deceit, Blessing quietly sold the vehicle that had been given to him by Charity. Instead of using the money for its intended purpose, he shamelessly used it to pay lobola for Petronella, the woman he was reportedly seeing behind Charity’s back.

What is perhaps most shocking about this entire ordeal is Blessing’s unapologetic attitude regarding his actions. When approached by H-Metro for comments, he brazenly confirmed the allegations, showing no remorse for the hurt and betrayal he caused.

“I sold Charity’s vehicle and used the money. She was disturbed when I separated from her and is now demanding every dollar she gave me, including that vehicle. She went on to confront my parents and my father agreed with her to pay the amount equivalent to the value of the vehicle. Arikuda kuti ndidzose mari dzose dzaaindibatsira nadzo,”

As Blessing has the best time with the love of his life, Charity is bitter:

“What Blessing did to me is cruel and far from what we expect of a priest’s son. Kutengesa mota yandakamuti imbowana chekufambisa kuti anoroora mumwe mukadzi.”

The two former lovers would always fight so much that Blessing’s father, Bethsaida Apostolic Church priest Fungayi Manyange, had to intervene to settle their beef:

“His father signed a document promising to pay something every month but he has kept quiet after he paid a few dollars towards the value of the vehicle. Priest Manyange vakabvumirana nemudzimai wavo kuti vanobhadhara asi iyezvino vanyarara.”

Zimbabweans online expressed mixed emotions about the cunning pastor’s kid.


“Kuvhura hombe uchiyedza kuvhara diki😢🙌🔥”


“ChiBaba chakapedza maSports mu90mins😹😹”


“Whatever happened to shame?”


“Fear men everyday na 6:30 am.”

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