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Leaked chats reveal married MSU student’s many lovers

The recent case of the married Midlands State University student who was reported missing in April but later found alive has taken a dramatic turn with revelations of extramarital affairs.

According to a chain of chats obtained by H-Metro, it has come to light that the student, Chipo Mavura, was not simply missing but was involved in several extramarital affairs during the time she was supposedly missing.

Chipo Mavura’s former husband, Owen Chakumuza, who had been left searching for her during her absence, has expressed that he has come to terms with the situation and has moved on.

The backstory reveals that the couple had been together for six years and had two children. Both were students at Midlands State University at the time of Chipo Mavura’s disappearance, adding another layer to the already complex situation.

“I haven’t seen her since the day she left. I have endured the pain and scorn associated with this issue so much that I don’t have the energy for a confrontation.

“I have chosen the sane path.

“We had been together for six years and have two children. My family and I also played a significant role towards her studies.

“As it stands, we are not together anymore and I have been in and out of the clinic towards my exams due to this issue.”

According to a source close to the couple, Chipo was interacting with several guys who are presumed to be her boyfriends just before her disappearance.

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This was discovered when Owen swapped his sim card and restored his WhatsApp account after Chipo went missing with his phone.

Chipo was having many affairs and discussing meeting spots while Owen was seeking for her, according to H-Metro’s intercepted chats.

“Chipo used to make calls with some men, especially during the night.

“The night she disappeared, she even tried to block a certain number which happened to be one of the guys she used to call during the night when her husband was not with her.

“The husband was informed of this before she disappeared.

“It’s not true that she is staying with another man but rather she is in the habit of being a bed butterfly,” said the source.

The source said Owen has been battling the demons that come with such an abrupt and dramatic end to a marriage.

“The guy suffered from high blood pressure during that month.

“Chipo got pregnant and Owen’s family owned up and took full responsibility, including footing her education till she reached her final year at university.

“I guess you can imagine what this does to a human being.”



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