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Man takes own life over wife’s cheating, you won’t believe what he did to his guts

A 34-year-old man in Mt Darwin committed suicide after finding his wife’s infidelity with a prophet, leaving his family devastated. The heartbreaking narrative was told in a video posted on Zimbolive, which detailed the events that led to the terrible ending.

The man’s father confessed that his son had been suspicious of his wife’s fidelity. He had even arranged for a counselling session with his son and daughter-in-law, during which the wife recognized her transgression and promised not to do it again.

Despite her promises, the man’s suspicions lingered, especially considering their growing family. Initially, he suspected her after they had their first child, but by the time of his death, they had four children. His suspicions were further fueled by rumours and information about his wife’s continuous affairs.

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These suspicions led to violent threats, particularly when the man was intoxicated. On one occasion in December of last year, he even chased his wife with an axe, prompting his father-in-law to intervene and take his daughter back home for her safety.

The couple eventually separated, but the man continued to receive distressing information about his wife’s infidelities. His inability to cope with these revelations and the ongoing emotional turmoil took a heavy toll on him.

The matter was reported to the village headman by the father, who had advised his son to report the matter and confront his wife’s lovers to save his marriage and family.

In a final, desperate act, the man used a broken bottle to cut open his stomach and placed his intestines under the bed. Realizing that his death was slow, he then cut his throat, which resulted in his immediate death.

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This heartbreaking story underscores the critical need for emotional support and counselling in times of distress. The police have urged individuals to seek help and open up about their struggles rather than resorting to drastic measures such as suicide.

It’s a stark reminder of the profound impact that mental health issues can have and the importance of accessible support systems for those in need.


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