Three doctors journey from London to Cape Town ends after three months

Three friends made it to Cape Town on Monday after travelling overland from the United Kingdom (UK) for more than three months.


The trio left London on the 13th of March on their quest to reach South Africa and they finally made that dream come true on 24 June.


The friends documented their journey on social media platforms and accumulated thousands of followers from South Africa to Britain.


Taking turns to document the long journey, the friends faced all things possible – from bumpy roads, paying bribes to ensure their safety was not compromised, camping in open field, having to repair Edna’s chassis and numerous issues with the aircon while driving the hottest parts of the African continent.


In an Instagram post, the friends indicated that they are two weeks behind their vlog posting, so supporters wanting to see their arrival in Cape Town will have to wait another 14 days.

Karen, James, Spence and their car Edna have finally made it to Cape Town. They left London on 13th of March driving to South Africa and it took them 3 and a half months to arrive in Cape Town.
Karen, James, Spence and their car Edna have finally made it to Cape Town.
They left London on 13th of March driving to South Africa and it took them 3 and a half months to arrive in Cape Town.


However, those in Cape Town can expect to see them around the City.


During their 88-day long journey, they completed 16 779 km.

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In May, the trio’s journey nearly came to an abrupt end when their car suffered catastrophic damage, leaving them stuck in Nigeria.


During a particularly gruelling stretch of the journey, the car’s frame succumbed to the relentless strain, literally snapping in half.


The mechanical failure left the travellers stranded in a remote area, facing not only logistical challenges but also the terrible prospect of abandoning their ambitious quest.


“Edna snapped in half and we’re unsure if we can continue our trip. During the crossing from Nigeria to Cameroon we encountered the worst roads of the trip so far. This put a huge strain on Edna’s already compromised chassis,” the trio shared in an Instagram post. They said they needed donations to assist them to repair the vehicle.

“While driving even at low speeds, we noticed the back was moving more and more to the point where it was almost hanging off. We stopped to assess her and she had completely snapped in half. The rear chassis had multiple severe cracks.

“This is the worst scenario and there’s no way we can drive Edna to South Africa. Repairing such severe damage will be expensive and take many days.”.

Many people in the comments section offered donations and tagged Toyota to help the doctors successfully complete their trip.


News of their plight reached Toyota, a company renowned for its robust and reliable vehicles. Recognising the spirit of the journey and the dire situation of the travellers, they decided to intervene.


Toyota South Africa’s Instagram page replied with: “Hey Karen, James and Spence, we’ve been loving your epic journey from London to Cape Town. Edna’s been a trooper, but we’re sad to see her struggling.


“To keep the adventure rolling, we’d love to send Edna’s newly launched big brother, the Hilux GR-Sport, to complete your journey to Cape Town.”


The trio further went to Instagram to thank Toyota for offering to help but they preferred to use their beloved Edna to continue the journey.

“We cannot abandon Edna. She is our mother and one of the crew. We started the journey with her and we aim to complete the journey with her.

“We can’t give up on her now. She is struggling but she will get through this.

“Big thank you to @toyata_sa for offering to help out with a new car but we need Edna to get to Cape Town and will try our best to get her fixed.”

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