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Train, bus collision along Lyton Road leaves one dead

A cargo train and a bus collided at a railway crossing in Harare early this morning, with one person believed to have died.

The accident occurred around 4:00 a.m. at a crossing on Lytton and Paisley Road. According to witnesses, the bus was carrying passengers when it was struck by the train.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has yet to reveal details about the accident or confirm the casualties. However, according to police sources, one person is believed to have died and numerous others were hurt. The bus was severely damaged in the crash.

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The beat-down bus is suspected to have attempted to speed up and cross the railway line before the train. However, the heavy vehicle was too slow to pass, and the train collided with it. The bus swerved and hit an electric railway pole at the crossing.

The railway crossing along Lytton Road has no warning lights or gates that close when a train is approaching. Also, a lot of public vehicle drivers deliberately fail to stop at railway crossings, hoping to beat the train.


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