Govt warns Zimbabweans against Kenya-like anarchy

The government has given a strong warning regarding what it perceives as “criminal and opportunistic elements” in the opposition, specific politicians, and certain Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) who are making efforts to provoke disorder and dissatisfaction reminiscent of events unfolding in Kenya.
Jenfan Muswere, Minister of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services and Acting Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, accused these factions of attempting to undermine the will of the people for their own benefit.

“This is in line with their well-documented modus operandi to seek attention and raise funding to try to resurrect their political careers through subverting the will of the people,” said Muswere.

“As a government, we are warning the perpetrators of these serial choreographed theatrics who are involved in subversive activities aimed at undermining the rule of law that their days are numbered and that their lawless plans will never see the light of day.”

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Muswere reaffirmed the government’s commitment to maintaining law and order, emphasizing that law enforcement agencies are prepared to act decisively against those who seek to create chaos.

“Law enforcement agencies will not hesitate to apprehend all those who undermine the justice delivery system through causing chaos and mayhem,” he asserted.

He further assured the public of the government’s capacity to ensure national security.

“The Government is assuring Members of the Public that the security forces have adequate capacity to maintain law and order in terms of the constitutional mandate,” Dr. Muswere concluded.

The government’s stance comes amidst rising tensions and accusations of political maneuvering aimed at destabilizing the nation.

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