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‘I died, went to heaven and was sent back to preach to a certain celebrity’: Gospel musician Tatenda Gurupira

Gospel music artist Tatenda Gurupira recently shared a remarkable and transformative encounter that occurred in June.

According to Gurupira, he experienced temporary death and during this time, he had a profound visit to heaven where he encountered angels and Jesus. This extraordinary experience has deeply influenced his faith and purpose on earth, fueling him to take bold actions upon his return.

Gurupira described that upon his arrival in heaven, he was struck by the presence of books documenting the lives of every individual on earth.

Among these records, he discovered a book belonging to a prominent celebrity known for their secular music. This discovery was startling and became a catalyst for the significant task he was about to undertake.

During his heavenly visit, Tatenda Gurupira was entrusted with a crucial mission: to return to earth and deliver a message to this famous artist, warning them that their time on earth was drawing to a close unless they repented.

Committed to this divine assignment, Gurupira fearlessly approached the celebrity, conveyed his message, and witnessed the artist sincerely repent and embrace a new path.

In addition to his mission concerning the celebrity, Gurupira also shared a reflective account of his own life. He disclosed that God was dissatisfied with certain aspects of his earthly endeavours and urged him to fulfill his true purpose.

This revelation has compelled Gurupira to re-evaluate his actions and devote himself wholeheartedly to his calling with renewed zeal.

Despite a deliberation in heaven about his return, the final decision was made for Gurupira to come back to earth.

This life-altering encounter has not only reshaped his personal journey but has also invigorated his ministry, as he now carries a powerful testimony and a fortified commitment to propagate his faith.

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