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Philip Chiyangwa ties the knot in lavish ceremony

Philip Chiyangwa, a well-known and influential businessman, celebrated his wedding today in a grand ceremony that captivated the attention of social media users.

The joyous event was beautifully documented through a series of photos shared by Chiyangwa’s family, highlighting the love and happiness surrounding the occasion.


A video of the wedding festivities made its rounds on the internet, featuring Chiyangwa and his bride dancing to the infectious rhythms of “Kana Ndanyura,” a popular song by the renowned musician Killer T.


The footage also showcased the presence of esteemed guests, including the Member of Parliament and close friend Chamu Chiwanza, who was spotted reveling in the celebration alongside his partner.


The wedding garnered widespread acclaim and well-wishes from the public, underscoring Chiyangwa’s enduring influence and significance in both the realms of business and social engagement.

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Chiyangwa’s previous marriage

In March 2018, when Elizabeth Juma divorced Chiyangwa after 30 years, she demanded a lion’s share of the family’s US$230 million estate, but she was awarded 85% of the family wealth and $85 000 monthly maintenance for 120 months.

Juma was married under Chapter 37:11 now 5:13. Court papers filed by Katerere did specify under what marriage law the two were bound.

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