‘It’s not a crime to say Mnangagwa has failed’: Chiwenga

Prominent street preacher Talent Chiwenga, who happens to be a cousin of Zimbabwe’s Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, has fearlessly delivered a bold message to the people of Zimbabwe.

He emphasized that there is no constitutional prohibition against criticizing President Mnangagwa as “a failure.”


This message from Chiwenga comes at a time when the Mnangagwa administration is increasingly clamping down on freedoms of expression and association. There are growing concerns about the severe repercussions facing those who express dissenting voices.

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Notably, 78 members of the opposition were recently imprisoned for peacefully gathering in Zimbabwe, a country that has faced years of misrule and instability. President Mnangagwa and his officials have been issuing strong warnings against individuals considering peaceful protests, creating a tense environment for those seeking to express their views.

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