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How the mighty have fallen: Mike Chimombe slips, falls from prison truck

In a pretty embarrassing moment, businessman Mike Chimombe had an accident yesterday when he slipped and fell while disembarking the prison truck at the Harare Magistrates Court.

The slip occurred on the stairs, resulting in minor injuries to his head and hand.

According to H Metro, fellow inmates came to his aid, and he was promptly taken into the court. Despite initial speculation that he had collapsed, it was later confirmed that he had simply slipped and fallen.

Throughout the court proceedings, he appeared to be in good spirits and even engaged in conversation with Prophet Passion Java, who was present to provide support.

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Chimombe and Moses Mpofu, both facing fraud charges, spent an additional night in remand prison as their bail application was postponed to today.

The pair appeared before Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa. Prosecutor Anesu Chirenje presented evidence from the lead investigator, Henry Chapwanya, who opposed their bail.

“It is not advisable to grant the duo bail because the goat scheme was meant to get rid of poverty in under privileged communities, the public is angry as they were looking forward to it and to the attainment of a middle income society, that’s the President’s vision.

“Economic saboteurs must be handled with an iron fist.

“They are interfering with investigations, on June 24 they released a memo on their social media platform commenting on the investigation that’s ongoing, jeopardising our investigations.”

Due to time constraints, the matter was rolled over to today.

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