Makhadzi says she borrowed money from ‘mashonisa’ to attend BET Awards

Makhadzi, a talented singer hailing from Limpopo, recently disclosed that she had to borrow money in order to attend the 19th annual BET Hip-Hop Awards in Los Angeles, California.

Her perseverance paid off as she clinched the prestigious Viewer’s Choice: Best New International Act award, triumphing over strong contenders such as Tyler ICU from South Africa and other international artists.

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In a heartfelt moment before the awards ceremony, Makhadzi shared a prayer during her appearance on the Podcast and Chill show. During the interview, she candidly revealed that she had to take out a loan to cover the expenses associated with the travel to the awards show.


Additionally, it came to light in December that the acclaimed singer was reportedly in debt to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) for a substantial amount, initially reported as R6.6 million. However, thanks to the assistance of a tax consultant, the amount was negotiated down to R2.7 million, as confirmed by Makhadzi herself. Despite this financial setback, she affirmed her commitment to diligently addressing and settling the outstanding debt.

“I’m going through a lot. It’s not a secret.Every money I get monthly I’m paying SARS so I end up not having money for myself,” she said.

“So for me to travel I have to go to mashonisa (loan sharks). They [my team] have to borrow money for me so I can fly business class because I have to be the superstar that I am. Because I believe in myself and my career I’m like, let me do everything and go there.”

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