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Minnie Baloyi shares heatwarming message to husband VP Chiwenga

Zimbabwean Second Lady, Colonel Minnie Baloyi, recently touched the hearts of many as she shared a heartwarming birthday message for her husband, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

In her affectionate message, Baloyi expressed her deep admiration and love for her husband, Chiwenga. She hailed him as the reason behind her daily smiles, portraying him as a selfless, God-fearing, and principled man. Her words painted a picture of Chiwenga as a man of great virtue and genuine kindness.

“SOKO YANGU IYO…My smile keeper, Happy 68th Birthday, I wish you many more blessed years munhu wangu, a selfless man, straightforward, God fearing, principled, a cheerful giver, trustworthy, firm but loving, hard outside but with a soft heart like an egg 😂😂, humble, patient, hardworking, considerate, loving father and husband, a historian, promoter of our culture and values, a propagator of unity, a loyal son of Zimbabwe, our General, VP…the list is endless. Iam happy I got a chance to share this life with you. Im now a better person in many ways and I continue to learn as much as I can from you. May the Lord almighty keep, guide, protect and give you strength always. Ngikuthanda thandi my guy, ingawe lento😜,” she shared on Facebook.

Describing Chiwenga’s gentle and caring nature, Baloyi’s message struck a chord with the Zimbabwean audience, revealing an intimate and tender side of the prominent figure. Her public expression of gratitude for sharing her life with Chiwenga showcased the couple’s strong bond and love for each other, offering a glimpse into their personal lives.

Below are some comments;

Brian De Deus:

Happy birthday to Mukanya. We wish you many more great years. Live long Mukanya

Evelyn Chakuinga:

What a beautiful message Your Highness👏👏, Happy Birthday Jena!🎂🎉🍰

Tiriwashe Ndaramwi:

HBD to the General of the Generals, Vice President, TRD General Cde C.N.G Chiwenga, i like the way you do your things fadda,, i salute you my General and be blessed 🙏

Cadre Shangri-la:

A pillar of strength, a beacon of hope, and a true embodiment of Zimbabwe’s resilient spirit. From the battlefields of our liberation struggle to the corridors of power, his unwavering commitment to service & leadership has left an indelible mark on our nation’s history. Happy 68 VP. Gen (Rtd) Dr. C.D.G.N Chiwenga. More life mwana wekumusha 👏

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