Army General Sanyatwe raffles feathers after pledging that ZANU PF will rule forever

A video has emerged online showing Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) Commander Anselem Sanyatwe declaring his allegiance to the ruling Zanu PF.

He is the third top military official to do so, following the late Vitalis Zvinavashe in 2002 and Constantino Chiwenga months before the 2017 coup that led to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rise to power.

Zvinavashe, who headed Zimbabwe’s Defence Forces from 1994 to 2003, publicly supported Zanu PF and stated that the army would never allow anyone without liberation war credentials to lead the country.

These statements were made before the late opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai contested President Robert Mugabe, the leader of Zanu PF at the time, in the presidential elections.

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Speaking at what appears to be a Zanu PF gathering, Sanyatwe warned attendees not to vote against the ruling party.

He vowed to use force against those who opposed it and boasted that as head of the army, his word is final.

“Zanu PF will rule forever, whether you like it or not,” Sanyatwe says in the video.

The origins of Sanyatwe’s video could not be ascertained.

“Speaking as the Army Commander, I can tell you that we are going to use what is called command voting,” he added while swinging his arm in reference to a beating.

“Forward with Zanu PF, forward with Mnangagwa, down with our opponents.

“I am the highest-ranking officer in the military.”

With Sanyatwe referring to elections NewZimbabwe.com could not verify whether the video was taken before last year’s general elections or recently but referring to 2028 polls.

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