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Chinese businesswoman raises complain over ZACC Bulawayo investigation officer

Chinese national Ms Li Song has raised a complaint against the conduct of Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC)Bulawayo investigation offcer Mr Willem Adamu for wrongful arrest and detention.
In a letter, addressed to ZACC chairperson Mr Michael Reza, Ms Song said he was arrested without reasonable cause.
“On 8 May 2024 after I attended case State Vs Franceco Maroconati as the complainant, after I walked out of the entrance of Harare Magistrate towards the car park around 1600 hours, ZACC Bulawayo inspector Willem Adamu approached me aggressively and blocked me together with another female ZACC officer from Harare office and told me that I was under arrest for cynide case,” he said.
“I explained to him there is no such a case since the court already declined in March 2023 the false allegations Francesco Marconati fabricated and I asked him whether we could go upstairs to the chief prosecutor office so we can clear the issue which the State handed. Mr Adamu refused and grabbed my arms together with the female ZACC officer and dragged me to their car.
“A false story was fabricated well in advance and was published online with my pictures after 30 minutes. At the office of ZACC (located on Herbert Chitepo Avenue), I asked Mr Adamu to show me the documents on which I was arrested for and he refused.”
Ms Song Mr Adamu had no documents on why he was arrested until he was taken to court on May 10, 2024 after he deliberately detained him for two nights.
He said there was no warrant of arrest or ant supporting documents on Mr song’s arrest.
“He abused his position as ZACC investigation officer who never communicated with me and never communicated with the ZIMRA officer who issued the rebate of duty for chemicals (Hydrated lime and Sodium Cyanide which are basic chemicals for gold processing plant) which our supplier Curechem applied for on our behalf,” Mr Song said.
“Mr Adamu arrested me purely under the instruction of Francesco Marconati simply to fix me. I was humiliated and detained in ZACC offices for more than two hours while Mr Adamu made phone calls looking for documents while he was preparing even warn and caution statement.
“I was forced to sign a warn and caution statement without knowing what I was accused for since Mr Adamu as ZACC officer deprived my right to know. He also denied a bail application until the next morning which was filed by my lawyer for us to go to court the next morning.”
Ms Song said he was seeking Mr Reza to investigate thoroughly Mr Adamu and his officers on obstruction the course of justice mainly Section 184(1) of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act and remove him from dealing with any cases concerning Francesco Marconati and him.
“I am also seeking to make this complaint as a report against such a conduct as it amounts to abuse of ZACC arresting and investigating powers and damage the imagine of ZACC. I reserve my right to sue him as his personal capacity to arrest me and humiliate me by unlawfully arrested me.
“It is always my sincere hope that we respect the fundamental independence and judicial proceedings as law abiding citizens. Your kind assistance and prompt action will be anticipated and greatly appreciated.”

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