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Five cops lose jobs over $5 dollar bribe

A group of five police officers is facing trouble after they were caught and subsequently detained for asking for a US$5 bribe from a truck driver.

The individuals involved are Dennis Tafadzwa Chivaku, Freeway Muninipi, Givemore Mucheka, Sharon Madondo, and Getrude Ndenga. They were caught by fellow police officers and taken into custody.

They appeared in front of Harare Magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa yesterday.

All five police officers are part of a Harare East DHQ operation with the codename “NO TO ILLEGAL SAND POACHING.”

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According to H Metro, last month, the driver reported to Police Headquarters Internal Investigations that there were members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police in the Ruwa area extorting money from truck drivers who were involved in sand poaching in that area.

On Monday, members of the PGHQ Internal Investigations established a plan to apprehend the corrupt officers participating in this illicit scheme.

They proceeded to Sunway City in Ruwa where the group was carrying out their activities.

The informant was driving an Iveco 5-tonne vehicle with the registration number AED 2865, which had not been loaded with sand at that time.

He was carrying the bait money in the form of a US$5 note.

While driving along Sunway Drive in Ruwa, the suspects intercepted the driver, using their own personal vehicle, which is registered under Mucheka’s name.

They stopped their vehicle and demanded money in exchange for what they described as a ‘free passage.’ Following the receipt of the bait money, they were arrested.

Anesu Chirenje served as the prosecutor.

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