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Man steals employers car, testifies in church about his ‘blessing’

On Saturday, the Lagos State Police Command made a significant arrest, as they successfully apprehended a 36-year-old robbery suspect named Amos Daniel.

Shockingly, Daniel had stolen his employer’s vehicle on the very same day he was hired as a driver. During interrogation, Daniel confessed to the authorities that he had taken the car to his church in order to provide a testimony of God’s miraculous provision.

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SP Benjamin Hudenyin, the command spokesman, provided this information during a press briefing at the Command Headquarters in Ikeja on Tuesday.

“We have somebody who was employed as a driver. Unfortunately, the employer did not do due diligence. The same day he resumed as a driver, he ran away with the car and could not be traced.

“Interestingly, he dedicated the car in church the following Sunday, testifying of what God had done to him.

In a conversation with reporters, the apprehended driver, Daniel, revealed, “I took my employer’s Lexus car without permission and drove it to the church to testify that I have been blessed by God. My plan was to use the car for Uber services and utilize the earnings to settle my debts. I carried out the car theft on June 23, 2024, which coincidentally was my first day of employment, and then I drove it to the church on June 30, 2024.”

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The spokesperson for the Command emphasized the importance for employers to carefully vet and conduct thorough background checks on potential drivers and domestic staff. They recommended utilizing the resources available at the Central Criminal Registry at the Force Criminal Investigation Department, Alagbon, and the forensic unit before hiring individuals.

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