Muvhango cancelled after 27 years

SABC2’s enduring and cherished telenovela, Muvhango, faces an uncertain future as its current season, which has captivated audiences for 27 years, is coming to an end this Tuesday.

The show’s dedicated cast and crew, along with viewers, are left in an anxious state as the SABC and Muvhango’s management have not yet finalized a new contract.

The reasons for the delay are not public, leading to worry among the show’s employees, many of whom have families to support.

Some crew members are already looking for other job opportunities as they fear potential job loss and are concerned about the future of the Tshivenda telenovela.

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As the current season wraps up with the highly anticipated wedding of Reneilwe and Kgosi, the lack of confirmed plans for new episodes is causing concern among the show’s devoted fanbase.

The prospect of the network airing reruns while production is halted further adds to the uncertainty surrounding Muvhango’s future.

This development has undoubtedly left the show’s loyal followers and the hardworking individuals behind the scenes feeling uneasy, as they eagerly await news about Muvhango’s renewal and the resolution of the current contractual uncertainty.

Sources revealed:

Everyone is left in the dark, no one knows what is happening exactly. I think there are just delays from the SABC side, or maybe they are thinking of canning it; I don’t know. They do not have any demands, so we don’t know what causes the hold up. We don’t have an episode for tomorrow [Wednesday]; maybe they will play replacement stuff or Muvhango repeats.

Source added:

“The last episode airs on Tuesday … to us, this is our bread and butter. This comes as a shock and disappointment. We hope for a brighter day.”

Asked recently whether talks about the show coming to an end were true, Ndlovu said there was nothing like that and he did not know where people got it from.Word of Mouth Pictures publicist Thanduxolo Jindela confirmed that season 25 would end on Tuesday and there was no new contract, acording to News24

The future of the long-running South African soap opera “Muvhango” remains uncertain as the show’s producers continue negotiations with the SABC, the public broadcaster. While the cast is on a production break, the show’s publicist has stated that they are not giving up and that the discussions with the SABC are ongoing, despite the fact that the current season is nearing its end. Both parties have a mutual understanding of the value of the program, which has been a fixture on the SABC for many years.

However, the publicist’s statement also raised concerns about the show’s potential fate, acknowledging that it is one of the longest-lasting programs on the public broadcaster and expressing gratitude to the viewers for their support throughout the show’s run. The future of “Muvhango” will likely depend on the outcome of the ongoing discussions between the show’s producers and the SABC.

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