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ZIMRA official escapes to SA after she was caught fraudulently importing 400 vehicles

A former employee of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), has been implicated in a large-scale fraudulent scheme involving the illegal importation of over 400 vehicles into the country.


As a former office assistant at Zimra’s Harare Port, Tambudzai Yvonne Musoni allegedly gained unauthorized access to her supervisor’s computer and misused his electronic signature to authorize the importation of vehicles under the civil servants rebate scheme. This bold act of corruption has revealed the weaknesses of a system intended to help long-serving civil servants to buy their own vehicles.


Musoni’s bold maneuver represents over 10% of the total illicitly imported vehicles under this program, which was initially set up to aid long-serving civil servants in obtaining vehicles for personal use. However, widespread misuse of power and bribery has tarnished this ostensibly laudable initiative.

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The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and Zimra collaborated to expose this major fraudulent scheme, uncovering the deep-seated corruption within the authority. Their joint inquiry disclosed that an astonishing 3,000 vehicles had been illegally brought into the country through the exploitation of tax rebates meant for civil servants since the program’s commencement in 2019.


The complex network of deception began to come apart when Mr. Philbert Muchechetere, Musoni’s superior, received an email from Beitbridge Border post shift supervisor, Ms. Winfred Chiyangwa, requesting verification of the validity of two civil servant rebate letters bearing his signature. Concerned by these dubious letters, Muchecheterembarked on a thorough investigation into the clearance of public servants’ vehicles at Beitbridge Border Post.

“I discovered there was no trail showing that the rebate letters in question had originated from our office,” explained Muchechetere. “Being suspicious of Yvonne Tambudzai Musoni, I launched investigations into Beitbridge Border Post clearances of public servants’ vehicles.”

During the investigation, it was revealed that Musoni had hacked into her supervisor’s computer and obtained his electronic signature, which she used to sign and stamp the fraudulent rebate letters. This elaborate scheme allowed her to assume the role of confirming the authenticity of public servants’ rebate letters, a responsibility that should have involved a team of officials to prevent corruption.

Furthermore, it was discovered that Musoni had possession of Mr. Muchechetere’s electronic signature, which she utilized to insert it onto the fake rebate letters. This egregious act was made possible due to her sole authority in confirming the authenticity of the rebate letters issued through the Harare office.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority’s internal audit division conducted targeted audits into public servants’ rebates, unearthing a plethora of fake civil servant rebate letters bearing Mr. Muchechetere’s signature. The gravity of the situation became evident as over 400 fraudulent rebate letters were discovered within a mere two weeks of launching the investigation.

To perpetrate this fraudulent scheme, individuals seeking to import vehicles under the rebate scheme needed to submit various documents, including an authorization letter from the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, and Investment Promotion. Musoni’s role as an office assistant involved the downloading and recording of these documents, which were then transferred to the registry department for further processing.

While the investigation continues, Musoni remains at large, reportedly seeking refuge in Cape Town, South Africa. Efforts to bring her to justice are ongoing, as law enforcement agencies collaborate to ensure she faces the full extent of the law for her alleged involvement in this massive corruption scandal.

Several individuals who colluded with Musoni have already been apprehended and prosecuted, shedding light on the extensive network of corruption that supported her illicit activities. As the hunt for Musoni intensifies, it is clear that this case serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need to eradicate corruption and restore public trust in the Zimbabwean government institutions.

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