Inno Sadiki denies burning her house

Innocent Sadiki, an actress from Skeem Saam, has been accused of fabricating the fire that destroyed her home over the weekend. Sadiki stated that negative comments on social media do not affect her.

She announced the loss of their home on social media on Monday morning.

After posting a video of herself and her husband, Pastor Phindulo Sadiki, consoling each other outside their burned home, the couple requested donations as they had lost everything in the fire.

The Sadikis mentioned that they lost all their belongings in the house, which were valued at R2 million.

Following their request for donations, online investigators began searching and found a photo of the house that seemed deserted, prompting accusations against the pastor and his wife for allegedly setting their own house on fire.

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In an interview with ZiMoja, Sadiki expressed that she is unaffected by negative individuals and their viewpoints. She inquired,

“What kind of mother would put her kids in such a traumatic experience just to trend or to gain fame? I would never do that to my kids. What kind of monster would I be?” She said her stress at the moment is for her family to be fine. “I told my family members and friends who have been sending me all the negative screengrabs from social media to stop,” she added

According to the actress, the family is currently booked at a temporary accommodation to prepare the kids for school re-opening next week. She said she has been arranging therapy for her kids, who are still suffering from nightmares of watching their home burn to the ground.

“I am stressed about my kids’ books, school uniforms, and getting them into therapy. People’s opinions won’t help me at this time,” she added.

However, Sadiki, who plays Sthoko on Skeem Saam, said she has been grateful to people who have donated and sent messages of concern to her family.

“To my followers, churches, businesspeople, and celebrities who have been helpful, we are grateful for your support,” she concluded.

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