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South Africans call for Luluvo Ngqaza’s arrest for assaulting his grandmother in viral video

In a shocking and distressing incident that has sparked outrage across South Africa, a viral video capturing Luluvo Ngqaza from Capetown assaulting his own grandmother has prompted a wave of condemnation and demands for justice.

The distressing footage, filmed by an unidentified individual, depicts Ngqaza violently shoving and slapping his grandmother to the ground after she requested him to undertake his chores.

In the course of the altercation, he even issued threats to end her life while a pot of food lay scattered on the floor, underscoring the severity of the confrontation.

According to sources, this is not the first time he has been assaulting her granny;

“This is very sad This Young Man ( Luluvo Ngqaza ) beating up his grandmother and it is said this is not the first time this ha happened neighbors say it is his usual thing. It gets deep hearing Grandma giving up his life and this shows how much this boy has been a pain to her.”

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The explosive and deeply troubling nature of the incident has triggered an unyielding outpouring of anger and calls for definitive action from the South African populace.

Social media platforms have become a hotbed of condemnation, with countless individuals expressing their outrage and voicing their demand for Ngqaza’s arrest and accountability for his distasteful actions.

Understandably, South Africans are angry and deeply aggrieved by the brutal nature of the assault, with many expressing their sentiments of empathy and solidarity with the victim.

Here are some of the responses;

Can you kindly please deal with that scoundrel esingu Luluvo Ngqaza esibethe umntu omdala endlini yakhe. Ndiyakucela, umdala and you would would not like umntana kaSive or Sihle to raise a hand on you. Deal with him please, make an example!

I can’t sleep after watching this video I am boiling Yazi ngiyabila💔😭 where can we find this Luluvo Ngqaza boy

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