Winky D’s fans force Themba Gorimbo to deactivate his Facebook

Zimbabwean MMA fighter Themba Gorimbo has shut down his Facebook page after facing strong criticism from fans of the well-known local artist, Winky D.

The backlash started when Gorimbo made comments that belittled Winky D’s fame, claiming that the musician is only popular among local fans, while Gorimbo himself asserts that he has gained recognition on a global scale.

His remarks, which were interpreted as disrespect towards Winky D, did not go down well with the artist’s devoted supporters.

Winky D, also known as the Gaffa, has a loyal fanbase that swiftly came to his defense. Gorimbo’s statement was seen as undermining Winky D’s impact and contributions to the music scene in Zimbabwe, leading to a strong reaction on social media.

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In an effort to calm the situation, Gorimbo removed the controversial post and explained that his comments were meant as a joke.

However, the damage had been done, and many fans continued to be offended. The apology failed to ease the outrage, as many saw the incident as a direct attack on Winky D’s reputation and musical legacy.

Facing an onslaught of negative comments and criticism, Gorimbo eventually decided to deactivate his Facebook account.

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The decision was aimed at taking a breather from the intense scrutiny and to allow the situation to cool down. Gorimbo, who has a growing international profile in the MMA world, expressed that he did not intend to disparage Winky D and hoped to move past the misunderstanding.

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