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US$1.1 Million Nanotech Water Project Faces Scrutiny; Directors Revealed

The Harare City Council has initiated an investigation into the performance of a contract with Nanotech Water Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. The contract involved an advance payment of US$1.1 million, but after two years, significant progress has yet to be made, with nearly US$1 million unaccounted for.

Nanotech Water Solutions (Pvt) Ltd was hired to supply, install, and commission chlorine dioxide water treatment technology at Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Works.

Interestingly, the Harare City Council does not seem to know the directors of Nanotech Water Solutions (Pvt) Ltd—Albert Jacobs, Frederik Jacobus Fourie, and Kevin Smit. Consequently, an investigation has been launched to determine how the funds were used, the acquittal process, and to identify the company’s directors.

In September 2022, the Council anticipated savings of up to US$300,000 per month by using an alternative water treatment chemical produced at Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Works.

Funded through Devolution Funds, the project included the supply, installation, and commissioning of chlorine dioxide water treatment technology by Nanotech Water Solutions.

During a Special Council meeting, then Acting Finance Director Godfrey Kusangaya emphasized the financial benefits of the Nanotech deal, noting potential monthly savings of over US$300,000.

“Once we start producing chemicals locally, we will also mitigate current chemical shortages,” he stated.

Nanotech’s Operations Manager expressed the company’s readiness to begin work once the initial payment was received.

“We are not here to be suppliers but to partner with you in the long term. As soon as we have feedback and know the money is in our bank, we can action that. We have prepared everything,” the Manager said in September 2022.

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