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New Twist in Matonga Farm Implements Case

New details have started to emerge in the case involving former Deputy Minister Bright Matonga, with information at hand showing that the former government official was never informed of a pending case against him despite numerous engagements with the police in the months prior to his arrest.
Matonga was arrested last week on allegations of stealing farm equipment worth nearly US$500 000 that belonged to Dave Van Breda who was in a Joint Venture agreement with Matonga.
It was the state’s case that Matonga was in a joint venture partnership with Van Breda with whom he had a misunderstanding over none payments.
It is then alleged that Van Breda then tried to withdraw his implements, including tractors, but Matonga seized some of the implements.
However, investigations have since indicated that the former Deputy Information Minister did not seize equipment, said our source.
Our source said the two had a joint venture agreement which was terminated in October 2021 after Van Breda was given a season’s notice to wind up operations and the equipment was never stolen but, it remained at the farm
“The farmer gave the equipment as security since he had not paid Matonga for four seasons, according to the signed papers between the two partners which were gleaned by this publication.
“Dave Van Breda then tried to remove some of the equipment before he had had settled the transaction but then he was intercepted by Saruwe police, “said our source.
He is then said to have reported the matter to ZRP Chegutu, who refused to open a criminal case because the matter was civil, after which he then made an urgent High Court application in December 2021 which he lost.
Testifying in court, investigating officers said Matonga and his co- accused were evasive and unavailable when they (investigating officers) visited the farm with a view to interview them about the alleged missing farming equipment.
But new details now show that, until the arrest, Matonga had visited Chegutu Police Station numerous times, the last being in early May and also senior police officers had actually gone to Matonga’s farm to collect Maize meal, according to the farm inventory which was availed to this publication.
“The police investigating officers were saying we went to his farm several times looking for him (Matonga) but he was not there.
Officer in Charge Garaweni and Superintendent Sibanda committed perjury under oath. I think that is a crime lying under oath,” said the source.
“Superintendent Tapiwanashe Sibanda actually went to Chigwell farm to collect 200 kilogrammes of maize,” said the source.
The source added that, the Police were also not even aware of a pending case against Matonga until his arrest last week.
Matonga was arrested and released after he was to admitted to bail.

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