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Julius Malema’s R28k shoes at Durban July sparks controversy

The recent debate over EFF leader Julius Malema’s choice of expensive shoes at the Hollywood Bets Durban July has sparked a lot of discussion. Malema wore a pair of R28,000 shoes at an event known for its fashionable attire.

The Durban July is known for its fashion-forward crowd who gather to critique and appreciate various clothing choices. This year’s theme, ‘Ride the Wave’, inspired many South African celebrities to dress in ocean-themed outfits. Malema’s expensive shoes drew intense scrutiny and criticism from internet users.

Critics argued that political figures, like Malema, should prioritize the welfare and interests of citizens instead of indulging in extravagant personal luxuries. The criticism reflects the sentiment that public officials should embody humility and a commitment to serving the people, especially in the face of socioeconomic challenges.

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A photo showing Malema’s expensive black Corteo on Spikes shoes from designer Christian Louboutin has brought more attention to the discussion about the high cost and flashy nature of the footwear.

One user commented:

Another user said:

Another user stated that the political leader must practice what he preaches.

Malema’s choice of footwear, though seemingly innocuous on the surface, has raised poignant questions about the perceived priorities and values of political leaders, and the broader implications of conspicuous consumption within the realm of public service and leadership.

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