Makhadzi disappointed in her Durban July dress, hurt by online criticism

Over the past weekend, the Durban July event in South Africa showcased celebrity glamour and style. However, Makhadzi’s fashion choice received mixed reviews, with some social media critics expressing disapproval.

In response to the backlash, Makhadzi openly admitted that her outfit was an unplanned decision that did not meet her expectations. Despite the negative feedback, she displayed resilience by using self-deprecating humour to address the situation.


“So here I am, laughing at myself all day 😂. I guess I should’ve struck a pose and posted, maybe then no one would’ve noticed the lack of curves. Seriously, these curves just won’t curve! When I’m back in Johannesburg, I need to find another designer, this one might need a relocation 😂😂😂.”
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She humorously acknowledged the attempts by her friend, Zonzo, to guide her through poses, admitting that even he was hesitant to critique the attire. “I owe an apology to my designer for springing the last-minute dress request on them. After winning the BET award, I had plans to stay in America for a week, but home called me back – no porridge and I can’t survive 😂.”


Despite her cheerful tone, Makhadzi also revealed the emotional toll the criticism had taken on her. “Your comments really got to me last night, I’m still a bit upset. Please say sorry.” Makhadzi’s apology reflects both her humility and ability to find humour in a demanding situation, displaying her strength amid criticism.

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