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Anger after Dudula advocate Kenny Kunene tips Zimbabwean waiter R11k

Patriotic Alliance’s Deputy President, Kenny Kunene, caused a stir on social media by leaving a generous tip for a Zimbabwean waiter during a luxurious evening in Durban.

Kunene, a prominent businessperson and supporter against undocumented immigrants (Dudula), was among a group of influential people who gathered in Durban to participate in the city’s yearly Durban July weekend.

Kenny Kunene Leaves Huge Gratuity for Zimbabwean Waiter

Kunene and his friend Sergio Cabonge reportedly spent more than R125,000 at the Rockets Club in Umhlanga Rocks.

Receipts posted on social media by celebrity gossip personality Musa Khawula showed that apart from the extravagant bar bill, Kunene also gave a generous R11,000 bonus to a waiter named Washington, who was said to be from Zimbabwe.

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Sure, here’s the reworded text:
The gesture has triggered a strong response, with certain social media users alleging that Kunene is hypocritical. On Twitter, @Miz_Ruraltarain highlighted the inconsistency between Kunene’s behaviour and the Patriotic Alliance’s stated goal of giving preference to the hiring of South Africans for junior positions.

“And the waiter is Washington from Zimbabwe 🇿🇼, walks away with R11k from Deputy President of Patriotic Alliance that supposedly must fight for employment of South Africans in “Entry-level jobs” which are non scarce skills! What is Sergio contributing to our country’s economic value? What permit does his friend have, on surely his long lifetime friend Kenny Kunene can indulge patriots?,” @Miz_Ruraltarain expressed.

Other commenters echoed similar sentiments, with some accusing Kunene of being more concerned with “flash and show off” than genuine patriotism. Some questioned the work permits and economic contributions of Kunene’s friend, Sergio Cabonge. Here are some of the comments:


This is exactly what Kenny Kunene is all about. Flash and show off…🙄


These guys are fakes. He must’ve picked up from the moment Washington said weocme Sir that he’s a kwerekwere. But that’s the noise they make on public platforms and behave different in their closed spaces.


He’ll never leave this lifestyle behind, thought he had matured but no. Very disappointing


A true politician doesn’t go around and show off? This is a sign of disrespect to the masses

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