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Gayton McKenzie deals blow to Mama Joy as he withdraws funding for superfans

South Africa’s beloved superfan Mama Joy, also known as Joy Chauke, has been dealt a significant setback as the Minister of Sports, Arts, and Culture, Gayton McKenzie, made a bold decision to cease funding for “super fans” attending sporting events and exhibitions.

This move signifies McKenzie’s firm commitment to redirecting resources towards supporting athletes and artists facing financial challenges, rather than financing spectator trips.

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By shifting the focus of funding to where it is most urgently required, McKenzie is emphasizing transparency and fair resource allocation within the sports and arts sectors.

I have stopped all trips for super fans, we have athletes & artist who are struggling to raise money to attend sporting events and exhibitions, how do we justify paying for fans? We shall no longer be paying for these trips and will use that money where it’s needed the most. Gayton McKenzie: X


This decision underscores McKenzie’s unwavering dedication to ensuring that limited resources are directed towards individuals in the industry who are in immediate need of financial assistance.

Mama Joy, who had previously benefitted from taxpayer funding amounting to R1.3 million for a trip to the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France, was sponsored by Zizi Kodwa’s Department of Sport. Taxpayers also funded the travel and accommodation expenses of Police Minister Bheki Cele’s executive secretary for the same event, along with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s trip to witness the South African team secure their fourth World Cup victory.

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Minister McKenzie has called for the names of artists and sports professionals benefiting from his department’s financial support to be made public for scrutiny. This action intends to promote accountability, addressing previous concerns that the grants were not reaching the artists and sportspeople in the greatest need of development funding.

“I have given an instruction that a list be published of artists, creatives, and sportspeople who have been receiving money from the department, inclusive of amounts and reasons. The time where only a connected few benefit is over,” McKenzie emphasized.

This decision has sparked various reactions within the South African sports and arts community. While some applaud McKenzie for championing fairness and equitable distribution of resources, others express concerns about the impact on the culture of fan support for national teams and cultural events.

@sewelankoana commented:

I never thought a day will come where I clap hands for you.but today is that day👏this nonsense of luxury trips for super fans and certain group of celebrities gatekeeping arts and culture must come to an end.there are so many schools in rural areas who needs sports play soccer in dusty play grounds with no soccer poles yet some fans/celebrities use that money for flights,luxury accommodation and champagne when that money can be used to good use.well done sir on this decision👏we support it 💯 you are on the right track👏


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