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Mama Joy hits back at Gayton McKenzie

Joy Chauke, popularly known as Mama Joy, has reacted to newly elected Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Gayton McKenzie’s post about his plans to cease funding for South Africa’s super fans.

McKenzie announced on X yesterday:

“I have stopped all trips for super fans, we have athletes & artists who are struggling to raise money to attend sporting events and exhibitions, how do we justify paying for fans? We shall no longer continue paying for these trips and will use that money where it’s needed the most.” Stated the tweet.

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Mama Joy, who attended the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Women’s World Cup and the Africa Cup of Nations, says she will continue to follow South African national teams wherever they go.

“I just saw it on Twitter, and I also don’t know who he is referring to when he says super fans, maybe he can tell us who are the super fans?” quizzes Mama Joy, speaking exclusively to KickOff.

“I don’t know of any super fan. Anyway, anyone has his own opinion, so what he says is his own opinion.

“What I know is that no government is paying for my trips. When he says he is stopping super fans’trips, who is he exactly stopping? Which super fans?

“He was supposed to explain how much super fans were getting from the government.

“So, I’m not scared, I’m not afraid, I’m fine. Personally, anywhere I go, I pay for myself. I started supporting football when I was four years old, so I’m still going to continue supporting it.

“I don’t know who is he talking about because according to my knowledge, we are all super fans. In his tweet, if he said Mama Joy, then I would be saying something to him.

“But at this stage, I don’t really know who is he referring to. If he had mentioned my name, at least…

“Maybe he was talking about some other super fans I don’t know about, maybe he is not even talking about Mama Joy because I’m paying for my trips.

“So, for now, I cannot say anything more.”

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