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Murder or Self Defence: Waterfalls Man Kills Attackers

The case of Kelvin Kagondo, a resident of Harare, has captivated the attention of many as it raises complex questions about self-defence and culpability.

Following an incident where Kagondo allegedly defended himself against attackers and killed one of them, he has been ordered to remain in custody until July 22, 2024.

The directive was issued by Harare magistrate Apollonia Marutya, who recommended that Kagondo apply for bail through the High Court.

The details of the case, as outlined by prosecutor Thomas Chanakira, paint a picture of a confrontational and tragic encounter.

On July 3, Kagondo was on his way back home in Retreat Waterfalls, Harare, transporting various items including children’s bicycles, a pram, a guitar, and a bucket of boiled eggs from his mother’s house located within the same area.\

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As he passed a local beer establishment, he was confronted by a group of individuals, including the deceased, who accused him of theft.

The situation escalated into a physical altercation, with Kagondo being assaulted and pressured to confess to the alleged theft.

During the confrontation, Kagondo reportedly retaliated by throwing a quarter-brick at his aggressors. The brick struck one of the attackers on the head, causing him to fall unconscious.

Tragically, the injured individual was later declared dead at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital. Following the incident, Kagondo fled the scene but was subsequently apprehended by the police. During their investigation, they discovered him wearing a shirt stained with blood, and they found the blood-stained brick allegedly used in the incident.

The case has sparked significant interest and raised pertinent questions about the nature of Kagondo’s actions. Did he act in self-defence, or did his actions amount to murder?

The complexity of the situation is evident in the magistrate’s decision to recommend seeking bail from the High Court, indicating that a protracted legal battle may lie ahead.

As the case unfolds, many are eagerly anticipating how the courts will grapple with the complexities of self-defence and culpability.

The outcome of this case will likely have far-reaching implications for similar cases in the future, as it navigates the delicate balance between protecting oneself and the legal boundaries of justifiable force.

Whether it is murder or self-defence, the case of Kelvin Kagondo serves as a stark reminder of the complex and nuanced nature of law and justice. As the legal proceedings progress, the details that emerge will undoubtedly shed light on the intricacies of this contentious case.

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