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Questions raised as robbers break inside Mnangagwa’s office

The recent series of security breaches and suspicious incidents surrounding President Mnangagwa’s family have raised serious concerns and prompted questions about the motives behind these targeted attacks. The string of unsettling events has left many Zimbabweans puzzled and worried.

It is deeply troubling that unidentified burglars were able to break into the offices of Deputy Minister Tongai Mnangagwa at the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority building in Harare.

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According to reports, the suspects gained entry through the ceiling, highlighting potential vulnerabilities in the security measures in place.

Mnangagwa confirmed the break-in to NewsDay;

“We are still searching if they took anything. We have police at the scene right now,” he said.

Moreover, the incident at the home of Finance Deputy Minister David Kudakwashe Mnangagwa has added to the sense of unease. A fire breaking out at the residence late at night, coupled with previous mysterious occurrences, has understandably sparked fears and suspicions.

ZRP spokesperson Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident but did not provide any further details on the circumstances surrounding the fire. He said:

The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirms that investigations are currently underway in connection with a fire incident which occurred at the house of the Deputy Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Investment Promotion, Honourable Kudakwashe David Mnangagwa on 28 June 2024 at 11.30 PM.

The reported theft of valuable items, including laptops and a pistol, from the Mnangagwa household, as well as the deliberate damage done to property, further intensifies concerns about the safety and security of the family.

The repeated nature of these incidents and the audacity of the intruders, who have been described as the “ghost raider,” have left the public wondering about the motives behind these brazen attacks.

Previously, on June 25, an intruder whom police are dubbing the “ghost raider” left six cartridges – three outside Mnangagwa’s main bedroom door and three on the lawn outside his house.

Just after 7.30 AM on June 26, Mnangagwa’s eight-year-old son went to his parents’ bedroom and as he was about to knock on the door he saw a live cartridge lying on the floor and police were called.

Police located three cartridges within two meters of the door, and a further three on the lawn outside the property.

The big question on everyone’s mind is: why is the Mnangagwa family being targeted? The motives behind these targeted incidents remain unclear, leading to speculation and unease within the community. Various theories and concerns are circulating, and the lack of a clear explanation from authorities only fuels the sense of fear and confusion.


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