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Woman shares how she was ghosted on her lobola day, earns sympathy on TikTok

A recent incident involving a young woman turned what should have been a happy event into a distressing memory for her.


The woman, known as @bownie_segage on TikTok, shared her heart-wrenching experience on the platform, which led to an overwhelming response from the community in the form of support, advice, and shared personal stories from other users.

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Identified by her TikTok handle, @bownie_segage, she described the upsetting turn of events when her partner abruptly ceased communication on the day of their lobola ceremony. This traditional African custom involves the groom’s family presenting a dowry to the bride’s family just before the wedding.


She recounted the sequence of events, expressing her anxiety as she messaged her partner on WhatsApp, expressing her concerns about the delay and the absence of his family. Despite her pleas, she received no response. When she attempted to call him, he declined to answer and instead sent a message that shattered their plans: “Sorry, I changed my mind.”


Her post has gained significant attention, with over 680,000 views, nearly 30,000 likes, and around 2,200 comments, reflecting the widespread empathy and support from the online community.

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