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Maneta Primary School Food Poisoning Leaves 60 Students Hospitalized, 1 Dead

Maneta Primary School suffered tragedy last week when 60 pupils were hospitalized and one student lost their life as a result of the school’s feeding program.

The incidence was confirmed by Mr. Taungana Ndoro, Director of Communications and Advocacy at the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

According to Mr. Ndoro, as part of the school’s feeding program, five parents cooked sadza and soya chunks for the pupils on June 26.

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Around 11:00 am, all of the pupils had their meals.

“Shortly after lunch, the school’s head was called to Grade 4 and 5 classes where multiple students were vomiting. The students were immediately taken to the nearby Chimbudzi Clinic for medical attention,” said Mr Ndoro.

More pupils were ill during the day and were sent to the hospital.

Twenty-three pupils had been admitted for medical care by 4 p.m. After six hours, the number of kids who seemed to have food poisoning had increased to 57.

A medical team was sent to the clinic after Murambinda Hospital and other health officials were notified.

After treating the sick students, doctors released 43 of them. Before being sent home, 14 pupils needed IV fluids.

On June 28, nevertheless, three students—among them an ECD A student—were brought back to the clinic due to ongoing stomachaches.

Sadly, at 3 p.m. that day, Tanya Chipiro, the ECD student, passed suddenly.

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