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Simple ways to make your beard soft

Most guys gain lots of confidence from showing off a nice, neat, and full-looking beard – and with the right reason. Those who display a well-groomed beard are known to have lots of success following them in both their personal and professional lives.

According to the men’s grooming brand Phillips, this is because men with beards are often seen as more masculine, dominant, and formidable, with an authoritative social perception from those around them.

Additionally, the mental wellness publication Psychology Today explains that these men are likely to have higher success when it comes to the dating world. This is because women find men with beards to be more mature, secure, and as someone who present fatherly qualities.

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But while having a neat beard may be pleasing to the eye, it is equally important that the quality, texture, and overall health of your facial hair is soft and comfortable as well.

The online publication Fresh Beards notes that a hard and brittle beard is a common problem that many men endure.

This is known to bring discomfort and often results in the possibility of hair loss and a wiry aged look.

However, as with most problems, there is always a solution.

Here are a few hacks on how you can soften up those rough strands of hair as recommended by The Beard Club:

Commit to a face and beard-washing routine

The above-mentioned source makes it clear that results are driven by consistency. Which is why it is important to be consistent in treating your beard to a thorough wash. Readers are cautioned to avoid using ordinary hair shampoo or soap, rather products that are beard friendly.

“Facial cleansers can be used with clean washcloths to exfoliate. This process gets rid of the dead skin cells that clog your pores and make your face itchy.” Thereafter it is recommended that you later use a conditioner and moisturiser.

Brush in beard oil and balm

After the cleansing of the beard is known to strip your beard of its natural oils, The Beard Club recommends replacing the moisture by using healthy oils. This can be in the form of Beard oil and beard balms. While the oils may moisturise, the balm is the one that protects, it is especially important to brush thoroughly after using the oil as this helps soften the strands.

Trim regularly

Most times, hard strands could be because of split ends. It is therefore important to comb your beard as often as you can as this will help you identify unequal areas. This will not only solve your problem but also contribute to giving you a neat overall appearance.


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