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Five teenagers filmed assaulting an unclad girl arrested

Zimbabweans have welcomed the arrest by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) of five girls for unclothing and assaulting a young girl in a viral video.

In the video, one of the women assaulting the victim can be heard asking, “Ndainzwa dzungu here pawaindirova?”

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The victim lay on the ground after being stripped of all her clothes. One person was filming the attack as others lashed out. A gang of around five girls wearing school uniforms took turns striking her. Her body was dirty from rolling and covered in blood from the lashes.

The woman originally pleaded with her attackers not to beat her head. The first girl apologized for punching her head, but resumed the abuse.

As the other ladies join in, the victim yells out, “My hand is hurt.” The first girl accuses her of lying, claiming that an injured hand cannot cover other body parts during a beating.

In a third plea, the victim begs for a 10-minute break due to her pain. The assailants laugh at her, and another woman is heard shouting, “Uraya.”
Five Assaulting Young Girl
ZRP Arrests Five Teenagers For Unclothing And Assaulting A Young Girl In Viral Video [Image: @crimewatchzw/X]


The video caused an uproar online, with people calling for the five’s arrest. The ZRP responded and acknowledged seeing the video. They asked the victim to make a report and for anyone with information on the incident to come forward.

The police have since arrested the five Wedza girls: Vimbai Mike (19), Rudo Manjere (17), Lilly Rose Munyoro (16), Lillian Chido Munyoro (16), and Sandra Vhumbunu (17). The five, nabbed yesterday, are facing aggravated indecent assault charges.

Police spokesperson Commissioner Paul Nyathi revealed:

“On 4 July 2024 at 1100hrs, Rudo Manjere, Lilly Rose Munyoro and Lillian Chido Munyoro lured the victim, Mavis Mada (18), to Vimbai Mike’s homestead at Mupfuuri Village, Wedza, on the pretext that they wanted to give her vegetable seedlings. The suspects locked the victim in one of the huts and stripped her n_ked.

“The five suspects took turns to assault the victim with switches and went on to insert three sticks into the victim’s private parts whilst recording a video. The victim fell unconscious, and the suspects poured water on her before freeing her naked at 1500hrs.”

Vimbai Mike is in police custody, while the other four are in the custody of their parents since they are juveniles.

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