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Horror As Cranborne Man Kills Wife After Catching Her Kissing Another Man

A husband who is suspected of murdering his wife appeared in court facing one charge of murder.

The woman’s corpse was found in a drain near their house by Hatfield police. Police noted that her nipples and nails were ripped off.


Fradreck Chasara who resides in Cranborne appeared in court accused of murdering his wife Faith Musonza a day before Valentine’s Day this year.

Chasara was remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

He told police officers that he had waited through the night for his wife to return home as usual and was surprised when he was called in by police to identify her corpse which was missing some body parts.

Faith is reported to have knocked off work at around 7 PM on that fateful day and was presumed to have gone home in Cranborne.

At around 8 PM, Chasara grew increasingly concerned when his wife did not show up at her usual time, prompting him to repeatedly call her phone, which he said went unanswered. He said after calling her number numerous times it suddenly became unreachable, adding to his concern.

Unsure of what to do next, Chasara said he went to the bus stop in the hope that he would find her.

While Chasara maintains his innocence, neighbours interviewed by H-Metro have raised suspicions that he may have had a motive.

A neighbour who spoke to the newspaper on condition of anonymity said Chasara masterminded his wife’s death by hiring assassins after he allegedly discovered his wife’s infidelity.

He has remained the key suspect because it is said he caught his wife with a boyfriend kissing around December and he brought them to the house where he thoroughly bashed them. The boyfriend was left for dead and rumours are that he could have masterminded the death of his wife over the issue. Some are saying, he allegedly hired some people to kill her,” the neighbour said.

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