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Drama At Pari Nurse’s Funeral As Thigh Vendors Offer Free Services

THERE was drama for four days as commercial thigh vendors took over the funeral of a nurse in Warren Park.

The ladies of the night demanded time to celebrate the life of Sophia Amanda Hungwa, who passed away at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospital, last Thursday.

She was 34.

The team performed seductive dances and even offered free s__ex services to mourners.

They claimed this was the best way to give Sophia the “perfect” send-off.

A number of health professionals, businessmen, kombi drivers, touts and socialites attended the funeral and joined a convoy to Warren Hills Cemetery where Sophia, a mother of two boys, was laid to rest.

“Sophia was one person who did not hold grudges with whoever wronged her,” said one of the mouners.

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“She was ever smiling and had many friends, that is why more people came here to give her a befitting send-off.

“We are going to have an ‘after tears’ social soccer match dedicated to Sophia soon after burial.

“She used to play women social soccer and was the team captain.

“Akanga asingade zvemakuhwa zvekuti madzimai mazhinji aimuziva nekuti John Cena nenyaya yekurova zvibhakera chaizvo,” he said.

A family spokesperson, only identified as Mr Hungwa, said:

“We have nothing to say much about Sophia since we are mourning,” said Hungwa.

“We tried our best to mould her but she decided to be counted among women of loose morals and that is why thigh vendors are with us here.”

Sophia was a qualified nurse at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals. H Metro

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