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Are You A Winky D Fan? Prophet Gwash Delivers Death Prophecy

Self-proclaimed Prophet Solomon Gwash has delivered a prophecy that has caused a stir among Winky D’s die-hard fans.

Taking to his official Facebook page on Friday morning, the Shoreline Ministries International founding cleric shared that God has shown him a vision.


Winky D Death prophecy
Prophet Solomon Gwash x Winky D (Image: Solomon Gwash/Facebook/@PTChimusoro/Twitter)

In the vision, Prophet Gwash had seen heartbroken Zimbabweans from all walks of life flooding their timelines and statuses with condolence messages across their social media accounts.

While he did not mention the Ibotso hitmaker by name, Gwash referred to him by his popular nickname Gaffa.

However, Prophet Solomon Gwash’s vision was not all doom and gloom as he hinted that Winky D, who also refers to himself as the Gaffa President, can still survive what is coming for him.

The prophet called on his followers to pray for God’s will to be done and for Winky D’s life to be spared from the imminent threat of death.

Taking to his Facebook page, Prophet Solomon Gwash shared:

I saw R.I.P Gaffa messages flooding everywhere. We pray for the will of God to prevail. May His life be saved from what’s coming.

Taking to the comments, a section of Facebook users asked God to protect the Gaffa. Below are the comments:

Annie Chido:

May God protect him

Lazarus Mables:

may his life be protected by the blood of Jesus

Baba Anisha Remo:

Winky dee is in our prayers

However, Prophet Solomon Gwash’s prophesy left another section of Facebook users wondering which Gaffa he was alluding to.

This confusion stems from the fact that popular United States-based cleric Passion Java also refers to himself as the Gaffa.

A section of those who took to the comments asked for clarity so that they would know who to pray for. Below are some of the comments on Prophet Solomon Gwash’s post:

Cossie Putin Micheals:

Good morning Prophet we have Winky Dee and Passion Java tonamatora upi wacho??

Mis Gonai:

Which Gaffa?? Passion Java here😁😁😁

The self-proclaimed prophet was accused of chasing clout and trying to gain followers by namedropping Gaffa.


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