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Bonnie & Clyde: Dr Nandipha Criticized Over Thabo Bester Romance

Thabo Bester and Nandipha Magudumana have been described as “Mzansi’s Bonnie & Clyde”. But while their “love story” is the stuff movies are made of, South Africans are disgusted and disappointed in the medical doctor.

The celebrity aesthetics professional was arrested alongside Bester in Tanzania on Friday, 7 April.. She is likely to face charges relating to helping Bester fake his death and escape prison in May 2022. Nandipha will also likely face the music over reports she harboured a fugitive, as well as fraud and money-laundering charges.

But why did the doctor trade in her lucrative business and beautiful family for a life on the run, and possibly behind bars for life?

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Following their arrest, both Nandipha and Thabo Bester found themselves topping the Twitter Trends list. But South Africans have expressed their disapproval at Dr Nandi choosing a life of crime over a successful career.

Nandipha is the owner of Sandton business Optimum Medical Aesthetics Solution, which has a list of celebrity clientele. On the flip side, Bester is a convicted rapist, murderer, and fraudster.

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Here’s what Twitter users had to say:

@Yaya_Goldez: “She’s definitely not the first. Women always choose men over anything, including their children, family, careers, sanity.”

@kelevra_bd69: “Book smart is not street smart.”

@llutladi: “It’s a lesson to our sisters out there: Never choose someone over yourself.”

@GantshoLarry: “Women ditch accountants and other professionals for amaphara. Nothing new”



Meanwhile, Minister of Police Bheki Cele claims Dr Nandipha committed insurance fraud by collecting a cash payout for three unclaimed dead bodies.

The doctor allegedly told her insurance that the bodies belonged to her brother, father, and customary husband. She allegedly collected over R1 million in each payout.

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In a media briefing following Bester and Nandipha’s arrest, Cele claimed that authorities were alerted after the latter was asked to reveal the men’s identities.

He added: “We believe the doctor herself could not have done it alone. But if the police were part of a cover-up, we will find them”.

Cele also claimed that police were investigating a case of murder of the body found in Bester’s cell.

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