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Dr Nandipha Cruelty Revealed As She Dumps Her Children For Criminal Thabo Bester

Very few mothers would dare do what Dr Nandipha has managed to do as her scandal deepens, Harare Live has learnt that she reportedly dumped her two children just to be with her criminal lover Thabo Bester.

The celebrity doctor and socialite Nandipha Magudumana reportedly helped Thabo Bester escape from Mangaung Maximum Security Prison in May 2022 by swapping his body with a corpse brought in by a private vehicle.

The two little criminal lovebirds fled their rented mansion in Hyde Park, Sandton, after GroundUp exposed them. She also drove a luxury Mercedes Benz across the Zimbabwean border and left it there, raising speculation that they were planning to skip the country.


Dr Nandipha Children
The Dark Side of Dr Nandipha: How She Dumped Her Children to Be With Fugitive Thabo Bester [Image: GroundUp]


Dr Nandipha has two children from a previous marriage. She was forced to dump the kids during their spirited and chaotic escape from their R12 million mansion, and they are now in the custody of her ex-husband.

Her flight with Thabo Bester is having a significant brunt on her two babies. As a mother who goes all out for her angels, this was the first time she had ever missed her daughter’s birthday.

The child turned 11 last weekend, and it was a sad affair for the girl as her mother is hiding.

A source close to Dr Nandipha recounted the sombre day to ZiMoja:

“We have always celebrated her daughter’s birthdays whether we were at the restaurant or at her home. This time it felt awkward. We still don’t understand why she would mess up the beautiful life she had. Everyone is hurt by her life choices, from her parents to her ex-hubby.

“The father is a good man. If she was a clever girl, she should have stayed with him; none of this would be happening now.”

On the day of the great escape, Dr Nandipha dropped the children at school and never returned to pick them up. Initially, the kids were told that their mother had gone on a business trip.

However, their friends at school know the whole drama, and they were mocking them:

“Right now, they haven’t been to school… until the drama dies down.”

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