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Brenda Ngxoli Accuses Former 7de Laan Actor David James Of Racism on Set “Called Me Kaf*ir”

In a shocking revelation, award-winning actress Brenda Ngxoli has come forward to accuse actor David James of racially derogatory behaviour towards her while they were working together on the film “Sew the Winter to My Skin”.

Ngxoli alleges that James called her a racial slur, leaving her deeply hurt and affected. According to Ngxoli, James approached her on set and said, “Hey, jou, kaf*ir meit.” This derogatory term, widely recognized as offensive and racist, left Ngxoli feeling humiliated and disrespected.

She states that she did not sign the contract or the non-disclosure agreement that followed, giving her the freedom to speak out about the incident. Despite facing pressure from production lawyers and even experiencing delayed payment, Ngxoli has remained steadfast in her decision to share her experience.

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She emphasizes that she will not be silenced, regardless of the consequences. Ngxoli reveals that she believes her remuneration was deliberately delayed as a form of punishment for refusing to sign a contract that would prevent her from speaking out about the incident.

She shares her experience of financial difficulties during the following December, suggesting that her delayed payment was a deliberate act.

Ngxoli also highlights the biased treatment she received during the production. She claims that she was portrayed as difficult and problematic, while the production team always favored the perpetrators.

Additionally, she mentions an incident where she raised concerns about a fellow actor being left behind in a burning house during a scene, but her concerns were dismissed.

The actress further alleges that false rumors were spread about her making advances towards a male actor after she had raised the issue of him fondling her thighs during a scene. Ngxoli implies that the production team twisted the narrative to protect the perpetrators and discredit her.

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