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‘Being a sangoma is not for me’ Brenda Ngxoli becomes a christian

Brenda Ngxoli has revealed why she withdrew from being a sangoma to become a Christian.

Penning an appreciation post dedicated to her daughter on her timeline on Thursday, the actor spoke of how motherhood changed her perspective.

“I left ‘sangomahood’ for motherhood and Christianity. Thank you Sky, your arrival has opened my eyes and heart to what is mine and what should be left for others to enjoy. Sangomahood is just not for me. I don’t judge but [the] good Lord knows I was never meant to entertain it,” she wrote.

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In 2019, Brenda took a break from the limelight to follow her spiritual calling.

Brenda’s absence from screens sparked all sorts of rumours but she cleared the air when speaking to Drum.

“It’s funny seeing those stories about me as I didn’t leave because I didn’t have money or because I was angry with the industry. I didn’t leave because of an alcohol or drug problem. I followed my heart for my own physical and spiritual growth.

“Things were going well for me and I was happy. But it got to a point where I questioned my being and my origins. I yearned to see those hills of the Eastern Cape and there was no amount of money that could satisfy that yearning.”

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