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South Africans Applaud Bold Zimbabwean Bust Impersonating Traffic Police

Some South Africans on social media have defended the Zimbabwean guy who was arrested for impersonating a traffic police officer.

Tendai Goodman Chakabva, 22, discovered a potential chance to generate money on South Africa’s streets.

He then obtained an Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) uniform and police boots to authenticate his impersonation of a cop.

Chakabva realised how dangerous South African drivers are on the road and decided this would be the simplest way for him to make a fortune.

He then erected a bogus roadblock.

Chakabva would solicit bribes from reckless speeding motorists, drunk drivers, and those whose vehicles had expired license discs.

The cunning Zimbabwean managed to make some money for a while until one day, his luck ran out, and he was busted by real traffic police officers and arrested.

Chakabva went viral, and many people were startled by his boldness, especially considering that he is a foreigner.

Some South Africans applauded Chakabva and threw their support at him, while some were shocked.

Check out their reactions below.



“Employ him. Chakabva qualifies by action, not papers.”


“He was serving those who can’t abide by the law. He never hurt anyone. He is better.”


“Things like this happen only in South Africa. I can’t blame him, either. The actual problem here is our South African motorists that disobey our laws and expect to pay bribes on the spot.”


“How did he get hold of the full uniform? Does he also have a gun? Corruption in SA🤔🤔🤔wonders shall never end.”


“Yena ai, he was doing a good job with the bribes and ended up wanting more of what he got. That’s why he was caught.”


“But this Tendai Goodman Chakabva was not doing the killing and raping. He was fixing the country mos.”


“This country is a playground of all foreigners. They do whatever they want, and the government of ANC is on their side.”

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