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CCTV footage shows how Thabo Bester escaped wearing G4S Uniform (Watch)

Recently released CCTV footage has shocked viewers by showing the moment infamous murderer and rapist Thabo Bester made a daring escape from the confines of Bloemfontein’s Mangaung Prison.

The renowned journalist Annika Larsen, known for her compelling appearance on the highly regarded show My Guest Tonight With Annika Larsen, which airs on etv, revealed the visual proof.

Larsen, who is renowned for her ability to discover the truth, has made another unexpected discovery.

Thabo Bester’s remarkable escape from the ostensibly impenetrable walls of the Mangaung Correctional Centre had been reported to the South African public up until this point, but there was no conclusive visual evidence to back up these allegations.

The absence of evidence had led to rampant speculation among the public, pondering over the means by which Thabo Bester managed to escape from the heavily fortified correctional facility.

CCTV Shows Thabo Bester’s Escape


However, in a tantalizing teaser for an upcoming episode of My Guest Tonight With Annika Larsen, Larsen treated Twitter users to an exclusive sneak peek of Thabo Bester’s escape.

The footage reveals two figures swiftly dashing out of the correctional facility, disappearing into the cover of darkness, leaving no trace behind.

A week ago, the Bloemfontein magistrate’s court heard that Bester was provided with a G4S uniform as a disguise to aid in his escape. The CCTV footage released by Annika Larsen on her official Twitter account corroborates this information, as the two individuals in the video are dressed similarly.

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the captivating footage below:

Home Affairs Issues Ex-Fugitive South African ID Card


In related news, Thabo Bester has finally put an end to the ongoing debate about his numerous aliases by receiving an official South African identity document (ID) card from the Department of Home Affairs.

According to Sunday World, a representative from the Home Affairs department paid a visit to the Kgosi Mampuru correctional centre last week to personally deliver Bester’s long-awaited South African ID.

During a recent parliamentary session, Home Affairs minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi revealed that the police had conducted a DNA test on Bester and the woman who claimed to be his mother, with the results showing a staggering 99% match. Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital further confirmed that Bester was indeed born there in 1986, putting all doubts to rest.-iharare

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