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Hospital worker caught stealing patients’ food

An employee at a Limpopo Hospital is behind bars for stealing food meant for patients.

Hospital food server found with stolen goods

The culprit was caught with the goods during a random search at the Tshilidzini Hospital’s gate.

According to TimesLIVE, the stolen goods included tinned fish, milk, and beef stew.

The health department’s Thilivhali Muavha has condemned the act.

“This alleged theft from the most vulnerable [which] also constitutes a breach of trust.”

This was not the first such incident. ZiMOJA reports that two Letaba Hospital employees were charged with theft after they were caught with stolen food items in 2022.

South Africans appalled by food theft

Netizens were dismayed by the hospital worker’s theft however many alluded that the problems may be more widespread.

A Venda Dorito suggested:

“They should try schools too.”

Zipho Zungu comment:

“I’m pretty sure he already opened a butchery.”

Dr MuVenda added:

“What’s going on is our people not getting paid?”

Son of the soil pointed out:

“He is going to lose his job for R300 grocery.”

M A S E N Y Asaid:

“They should also start searching teachers at the school gate. I know many will get arrested for fresh milk.”

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